T.B.Silence ADV

13.06.2018 – T.B.Silence ADV, Premium Silent Fan

The T.B.Silence ADV fan is the advanced version of the legendary T.B.Silence series. The fan is equipped with the patented Twister bearing for smooth and long-lasting operation. The fan blades have been re-engineered with the Enerflo™ Channel Blade design for improved stability. The starting speed has been reduced to an incredible 300 rpm, which is almost inaudible and the frame is now equipped with vibration damping. The result is a fan with outstanding silent capabilities.

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22.05.2018 – Saberay, RGB High-end Gaming Case

The Saberay is a high-end gaming case integrated RGB Lighting. The ENERMAX LED Lighting Technology offers bright and even illumination without visible LED spots. Saberay comes with extensive space and various mounting positions for complex liquid cooling loops. The panorama window is made of 4mm tempered glass which provides a clear view to the hardware. The clean design and the built in RGB lighting makes it perfect for case mod projects and gaming rigs.

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22.05.2018 – LiqFusion, addressable RGB CPU Liquid Cooler

LiqFusion 240, is an CPU liquid cooler with individually addressable RGB LEDs. The RGB water block is equipped with a patented flow meter that allows the user to easily monitor the status of the coolant flow. Together with the T.B. RGB™ fans with addressable LEDs, the LiqFusion 240 can create unique RGB lighting effects. The RGB liquid cooler is compatible with addressable RGB headers from Gigabyte, MSI and Asrock motherboards. In addition, LiqFusion 240 has an integrated RGB control box if the RGB LEDs cannot be controlled via the motherboard.

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NAXN Bronze

18.04.2018 – NAXN Bronze, the new price/performance PSU

NAXN Bronze power supply series is 80 PLUS® Bronze certified with up to 88% efficiency, coming with 100% durable Japanese electrolytic capacitors, Active PFC circuit, multiple protection. Besides, it helps meet the EU Erp Lot 6 requirements. NAXN BRONZE provides durability, reliability, energy-saving designs, and is suitable for mainstream PC systems, media center, gaming builds.

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30.01.2018 – T.B.RGB, Exclusive 4-ring RGB Fan

The T.B.RGB fan applies exclusive ENERMAX LED LIGHTING Technology to deliver incredibly bright and even RGB lighting. With the patented Twister Bearing technology, the T.B.RGB fan can not only provide beautiful lighting effects, but also offer superior silent performance.
T.B.RGB can be used as a standalone product with the included RGB controller or can be synchronised with supported RGB motherboards from Asus, Asrock, MSI and Gigabyte.
T.B.RGB is the excellent RGB fan to create the right light and colour composition for your system.

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