The Enermax MAGMA Advance is a fan of extreme conditions. Enermax uses high-quality and heat-resistant components that easily withstand temperatures of up to 85°C. This makes the Enermax MAGMA Advance perfect for use in servers, high-performance workstations or overclocked systems. Thanks to the Shift Speed Control (SSC), the fan speed can be adjusted to the needs of the system.
Enermax installs the patented Twister bearing, which ensures smooth and long-lasting operation of up to 160,000 hours. The specially shaped Batwing fan blades increase the airflow and can be removed for cleaning.

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120mm | UCMAA12A


For Extreme Conditions up to 85°C
High-quality and heat-resistant components allow cooling even at extreme temperatures of up to 85°C.

Batwing Blades
Powerful cooling due to Batwing blades providing up to 20% higher airflow.

Click Mechanism
Detachable blades for easy cleaning from dust.

Shift Speed Control (SSC)

Multi-purpose fan for easy customisation according to the system requirements. With a small switch at the back, the peak speed can be changed in three steps: Ultra Silent Mode (1,000 RPM) / Silent Mode (1,500 RPM) / Performance Mode (1,800 RPM).

Twister Bearing Technology

The Twister Bearing Technology guarantees an exceptionally long lifetime of 160,000 hours (MTBF). The bearing shaft is fixed to the rotor and small magnet inside the bearing keeps the shaft in position. The convex surface of the shaft’s base reduces the frictional resistance and ensures a quiet and smooth fan rotation. The sleeve is made from a self-lubricating material, which prevents the bearing from draining and corrosion.


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Technical Specifications

Bearing Type
Twister Bearing
MTBF 160,000h
Number of Blades 9
Fan Dimensions
120 x 120 x 25mm
Fan Speed
1,0001/- 1,5002/ 1,8003RPM
Rated Voltage
Rated Current Fan
0.121/ 0.152/ 0.203A
Rated Current LED
Fan Power Connector 3 pin (GND/12V/Tacho)
Noise Level
131/ 182/ 203dB(A)
Air Flow
47.671/ 69.152/ 83.033CFM
Air Flow
80.991/ 117.492/ 141.073m3/h
Static Pressure
0.8801/ 1.4002/ 2.0163mm-H2O
Included in the delivery
4x isolator-mounts, 3-pin to 4-pin molex adapter

Adjustable Peak Speed Modi: 1Silent Mode – 2Performance Mode – 3Overclock Mode