REVOBRON è il successore della nota serie di alimentatori modulari Triathlor. Componenti di qualità durevole e un sofisticato design tecnico assicurano tensioni di uscita stabili e pulite. La serie REVOBRON ha il certificato internazionale di risparmio energetico 80 PLUS® Bronze e viene fornita con due linee indipendenti da +12V per alimentare in sicurezza i sistemi ad alto consumo energetico in funzione 24/7. La gestione semimodulare dei cavi con i cavi flessibili piatti offre le migliori opzioni per l’installazione o l’espansione del sistema.

REVOBRON viene fornito di un accessorio speciale: COOLERGENIE un fan controller intellgente 2 in 1 che che può controllare fino a 3 ventole del case con diverse modalità semi-fanless e tecnologia Fan-delay. La serie si adatta perfettamente ai PC da gioco ad alte prestazioni, ai sistemi multimediali e ai PC home theatre.

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500W | ERB500AWT | Semi Modular
600W | ERB600AWT | Semi Modular
700W | ERB700AWT | Semi Modular


Efficienza dall’83 all’88% a 230VAC tra il 20 e il 100% del carico. Thriathlor Eco è certificata 80PLUS® Bronze.

Triathlor Eco aiuta i sistemi a soddisfare la direttiva UE sull’eco-design 2013 ErP Lot 6 e ErP Lot 3 2014 (< 0.5W in modalità standby*) grazie ad un circuito di standby a 5V ad alta efficienza (+5Vsb). Inoltre supporta il regolamento UE n. 617/2013 che richiede tra l'altro un'efficienza dell'85% al 50% di carico e dell'82% al 20% e 100% di carico. * solo in combinazione con una scheda madre ErP ready


The DC-to-DC design generates the secondary voltages (+5V and +3.3V) from the primary voltage rail (+12V). The positive effect is higher efficiency, clean output voltages (low ripple noise) and a perfect voltage regulation at all loads.

99 percent of the PSU power can be delivered by a multi-rail design with two stable 12V rails to safely empower high-performance processors and graphics cards.


Modular & Flat Cables simplify the cable routing and improve the airflow inside the case.

Extended 70cm CPU connector cable for installation in large cases.


The integrated 12cm Enermax fan with patented Twister Bearing™ technology ensures an efficient and continuously silent cooling and long lifetime with up to 160,000 hours MTBF.

Silent and powerful cooling performance due to the advanced and intelligent SpeedGurad fan control.


Coolergenie is a semi-fanless fan controller for up to three external fans. Monitoring the CPU fan speed via PWM, the case fans start to spin after reaching 40% (Whisper Mode) or 55% (Silence Mode) of CPU fan speed. Coolergenie also provides a fan delay function to cool the system 40 to 60 seconds after shut down. This can prolongs the life time of your components.


Intel® ATX12V v2.4, compliant with the Intel Power Supply Design Guide for Desktop Platform Form Factors Revision 1.31 April 2013.

Full support of the C6/C7 energy-saving functions of Intel® processors, first introduced with the Haswell™ generation.

Worldwide compatibility with automatic 100-240VAC input and up to 0.99 with active Power Factor Correction (PFC).

Quality & Safety

3 Years Manufacturer Warranty.

Enermax only uses high-quality components including first-class Japanese 105°C electrolytic capacitors for maximum stability and durability.

Enermax SafeGuard, the multiple protection circuit that keeps the power supply and the system safe from damage by short circuit (SCP), over voltage (OVP), under voltage (UVP), over temperature (OTP), over current (OCP), over power (OPP) as well as surges and inrush current (SIP).

Non-Stop 24/7 industrial class performance. Full rated power output at 40°C ambient temperature.

Technical Specifications

PSU Design Multi rail, DC-to-DC, semi modular
PSU Length 140mm
Intel® ATX12V 2.4
Non-Stop 24/7 @40°C
Powder Coating
2010 ErP Lot 6
2013 ErP Lot 6
2014 ErP Lot 3
EU regulation no. 617/2013
Intel C6/C7
Fan Size 120mm
Fan Technology DFR, Twister Bearing™, 160.000h MTBF
Protections* SCP, OVP, UVP, OCP, OTP, OPP, SIP
Certifications CE, FCC, TUV, cTUVus, RCM, BMSI, CCC, EAC
Included in the delivery PSU, AC cord, flat modular cables, 4 screws, cable ties, Coolergenie, user manual

*SCP: short circuit protection, OVP: over voltage protection, UVP: under voltage protection, OTP: over temperature protection, OCP: over current protection, OPP: over power protection, SIP: surges and inrush current protection.

Dimension 57.5 x 85 x 16 mm
DC output 2.0 A
Fan delay 40 – 60 sec.
Semi-fanless mode  
Whisper 0 RPM before 40% system load
Silence 0 RPM before 55% system load
Off Disable the fanless function


Power Distribution
AC Input Voltage 100-240VAC, 47-63Hz
AC Input Current 8A-4A 9A-4.5A
DC Output
+3.3V 22A 110W 22A 120W
+5V 18A 18A
+12V1 25A
+12V2 25A 30A
-12V 0.3A 3.6W 0.3A 3.6W
5Vsb 2.5A 12.5W 2.5A 12.5W
Peak Power 550W* 660W*
Total Power 500W 600W


AC Input Voltage 100-240VAC, 47-63Hz
AC Input Current 10A-5Ac
DC Output
+3.3V 22A 130W
+5V 18A
+12V1 35A
+12V2 35A
-12V 0.3A 3.6W
5Vsb 2.5A 12.5W
Peak Power 770W*
Total Power 700W

*Peak power may last up to 60 seconds.

Cables & Connectors
Mainboard 24 Pin 1x
CPU 4+4 Pin 1x
PCI-E 6+2 Pin (8 Pin) 2x
[50/ 65cm]
[2x 50/ 65cm]
[2x 45/ 60/ 75cm]
[2x 45/ 60/ 75/ 90cm]
4 Pin Molex 4x
[45/ 60/ 75/ 90cm]
[45/ 60/ 75/ 90cm]
FDD 1x


Mainboard 24 Pin 1x
CPU 4+4 Pin 1x
PCI-E 6+2 Pin (8 Pin) 4x
[2x 50/ 65cm]
[2x 45/ 60/ 75/ 90cm]
4 Pin Molex 4x
[45/ 60/ 75/ 90cm]
FDD 1x

Efficiency & Noise Level
10% load @ 230V Efficiency 84% 85%
Noise Level 15.2dB(A) 15.2dB(A)
20% load @ 230V Efficiency 88% 89%
Noise Level 15.2dB(A) 15.2dB(A)
50% load @ 230V Efficiency 89% 90%
Noise Level 15.2dB(A) 15.2dB(A)
100% load @ 230V Efficiency 85% 86%
Power Factor 0.99 0.99
Noise Level 18.4dB(A) 22.4dB(A)


10% load @ 230V Efficiency 87%
Noise Level 15.4dB(A)
20% load @ 230V Efficiency 90%
Noise Level 15.4dB(A)
50% load @ 230V Efficiency 91%
Noise Level 15.4dB(A)
100% load @ 230V Efficiency 86%
Power Factor 0.98
Noise Level 24.8dB(A)

Dealer Information
Product Dimensions 140 x 150 x 86mm 140 x 150 x 86mm
Product Weight 1.6kg 1.6kg
Product Box Dimensions 231 x 217 x 98.5mm 231 x 217 x 98.5mm
Product Box Gross Weight 2.2kg 2.3kg
Master Carton Dimensions 467 x 259 x 352mm 467 x 259 x 352mm
Master Carton Gross Weight 13.6kg 15kg
Master Carton Pieces 6 6
EAN-Code 4713157722966 4713157722973


Product Dimensions 140 x 150 x 86mm
Product Weight 1.6kg
Product Box Dimensions 231 x 217 x 98.5mm
Product Box Gross Weight 2.4kg
Master Carton Dimensions 467 x 259 x 352mm
Master Carton Gross Weight 15.2kg
Master Carton Pieces 6
EAN-Code 4713157722980


Datasheet EN – RevoBron 500-700W
Manual – RevoBron 500-700W
Manual – Coolergenie
Product Pictures – RevoBron 500-700W