With the LIQMAX II Enermax introduces the second generation of the successful LIQMAX All-in-One liquid cooler series. The engineering team were able to further improved the cooling performance and reduced the noise level with double Batwing blade fans and a smooth-running pump. LIQMAX II offers a maintenance free and reliable cooling solution for gaming and high performance processors.

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240mm | ELC-LMR240-BS
120mm | ELC-LMR120S-BS


The LIQMAX II is a All-in-One CPU liquid cooler with pre-filled coolant. This makes a water cooler as simple as a regular air cooler. Easy installation and no maintenance. The fully sealed design ensures lowest evaporation of liquid and a long product lifetime.
With a TDP of 320W+ for the 120mm and 350W+ for the 240mm radiator, LIQMAX II is best at cooling high performance CPUs for gaming and professional use.


The radiator offers high heat exchange capacity thanks to the fine channels and thin aluminium fins. LIQMAX II is available with a compact 120mm radiator and a double-length 240mm radiator.

Shunt Channel

Patented Shunt-Channel Technology cold plate design for maximum cooling performance. The shunt inside the micro fin structure minimizes the “Boundary Layer” effect, eliminates hot spots much quicker and ensures a perfect heat dissipation.

Water Block

The long-lasting ceramic bearing pump offers low operating noise and efficient cooling performance.
Advanced impellers increase the pump pressure and flow momentum performance to provide smooth coolant circulation.
The illuminated Enermax logo on top of the water block acts as a power-on indicator.


The Double Batwing blades are an improved version of the popular Batwing blade design. Thanks to the optimised shape the fan blades achieve an exceptional high air flow rate and enhance the cooling performance while reducing noise.
Detachable blades for easy cleaning from dust.
The frame is equipped with rubber pads to reduce the vibration and noise.
The fan is equipped with the patented Twister Bearing Technology, ensuring silent operation and up to 160,000 hours MTBF.

APS Function

The Adjustable Peak Speed function and Automatic PWM control work together and offer an easy way to set the desired RPM rage of your system. The peak speed can be limited in three steps with a small switch at the side of the frame. The Silent Mode with 600-1,200RPM, the Performance Mode with 600-1,700RPM and the Overclock Mode with 600-2,200RPM. Within the selected mode, the fan is controlled automatically via PWM.


The high-quality tubes are made of a four layer structure to guarantee a non-permeable and long-lasting operation combined with great flexibility.
For maximum safety the connection to the fittings are sealed with extra strong glue.


Quick & user-friendly universal mounting system supporting Intel® and AMD® sockets, including AM4.
The pressure adjustment spring system and high conductive Dow-Corning® thermal grease ensures a perfect contact with the CPUs heat spreader.
LIQMAX II is compatible with 120mm fan mountings. Please ensure your case offers enough space to install the radiator.

Technical Specifications

Intel® compatible Sockets LGA 1200, LGA 775, 115x, 1366, 2011(-3) Square ILM, 2066
AMD® compatible Sockets FM1, FM2(+), AM2(+), AM3(+), AM4
Cold Plate Material Copper
Weight without Fan
580g 740g
Thickness including Fan
79mm 53mm
Thermal Design Power (TDP) 320W+ 350W+
Thermal Grease Dow Corning® TC-5121
Bearing Type Ceramic nano PI bearing
Motor Speed
Rated Voltage
Rated Current
Pump Power Connector 3 pin (GND/12V/Tacho)
154 x 120 x 27mm 274 x 120x 27mm
Length 300mm
Rubber (Polyamide)
Fan Model Double Batwing
Bearing Type
Twister Bearing
MTBF 160,000h
Fan Dimensions
120 x 120 x 25mm
Fan Speed
500 – 1,2001/1,6002/2,0003RPM
Rated Voltage
Rated Current
0.09/0.19/0.38 A
Fan Power Connector 4 pin PWM (GND/12V/Tacho/PWM)
Quantity 2
Noise Level
16 – 231/ 302/ 353dB(A)
Air Flow
47.1 – 99.11/ 128.32/ 163.13m3/h
Air Flow
27.7 – 58.31/ 75.52/ 96.03CFM
Static Pressure
0.4 – 1.31/ 2.42/ 3.03mm-H2O
Included in the delivery Liquid cooler, 2x 12cm Double Batwing fans, universal mounting kit for Intel® and AMD® sockets, Dow-Corning® Thermal Grease (TC-5121), PWM fan Y-cable, installation guide

Adjustable Peak Speed Modi: 1Silent Mode – 2Performance Mode – 3Overclock Mode

Dealer Information
Product Dimensions 154 x 120 x 53mm 274 x 120 x 53mm
Product Weight 1,5kg 2,1kg
Product Box Dimensions 250 x 220 x 145mm 320 x 220 x 145mm
Product Box Gross Weight TBA TBA
Master Carton Dimensions 510 x 455 x 320mm 650 x 335 x 325mm
Master Carton Gross Weight 17.3kg 16.3kg
Master Carton Pieces 8 6
EAN-Code 4713157721754 4713157721761



Datasheet EN – Liqmax II 240
Datasheet EN – Liqmax II 120
Manual – Liqmax II 120-240
Product Pictures – Liqmax II 120-240