REVOLUTION ATX3.0 is our first power supply series, which is fully compatible with the latest Intel®ATX3.0 power supply specifications. Intel’s ATX3.0 guidelines increase the requirements and improve the power consumption in the entire desktop area. Especially excellent efficiencies at idle or low load and faster transmission of the switch-on signal. It can sustain up to 200% power load over short periods of time. The new high-performance connection 12VHPWR (PCIe 5.0 12Pin+4 Sense-Pin) is probably the most important change for gamers and content creators. REVOLUTION ATX3.0 has one native 12VHPWR cable and another dual 8Pin to 12VHPWR cable for connecting another graphics card or for future OC graphics cards that require 2x 12VHPWR connections. First class 105°C Japanese capacitors  helps to achieve up to 92% efficiency and also offers maximum stability and exceptional outstanding durability. Not only the power consumption has been significantly reduced, but also less wasted heat will be generated. The lower operating temperature also leads to quieter operation. The intelligent Semi-Fanless Control works up to 30% absolutly silent. The silent 13,5cm fan will be active after 30% of loading. Semi-Fanless Control can also be turned off.

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1000W | ERA1000EWT | Fully Modular
1200W | ERA1200EWT | Fully Modular

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Fully compatible with Intel ATX3.0 PSU specifications & PCIe Gen 5.0 Ready with native 12+4pin 12VHPWR cable

Future Ready: additional Dual 8Pin to 12+4Pin (12VHPWER) cable for future use. Provides you more flexibility for potential high-end VGA, which needs 2x 12VHPWR connectors.

Support Intels ATX3.0 guidline with 200% power excursion.


The DC-to-DC design generates the secondary voltages (+5V and +3.3V) from the primary voltage rail (+12V). The positive effect is higher efficiency, clean output voltages (low ripple & noise) and a perfect voltage regulation at all loads.

A massive 12V rail to ensure power for multi-GPU systems (MGPU & SLI™) and overclocked processors.

105°C rated Japanese Capacitors & Efficiency

The best quality Japanese capacitors for outstanding durablity.

With up to 92% efficiency at 50% power load REVOLUTION ATX3.0 is 80 PLUS® GOLD certified.


Thanks to the smart semi-fanless control REVOLUTION ATX3.0 series operates completely silent up to a system load of 30%. Passiv mode can be turned off.

The integrated 13,5cm Enermax fan with FD Bearing ensures an efficient and continuously silent cooling and long lifetime with up to 100,000 hours MTBF.


With only a depth off 150mm REVOLUTION ATX3.0 is the perfect PSU for enthusiast, compact high-performance as well as for content creators systems.

Full support of the C6/C7 energy-saving functions of Intel® processors, first introduced with the Haswell™ generation.

Worldwide compatibility with automatic 100-240VAC input and up to 0.99 with active Power Factor Correction (PFC).

Quality & Safety

5 Years Manufacturer Warranty.

Enermax uses high-quality components including first-class Japanese 105°C electrolytic capacitors for maximum stability and durability.

Enermax SafeGuard, multiple protection circuit that keeps the power supply and the system safe from damage by short circuit (SCP), over voltage (OVP), under voltage (UVP), over temperature (OTP), over power (OPP).

Non-Stop 24/7 industrial class performance. Full rated power output at 50°C ambient temperature.


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Technical Specifications

PSU Design ATX, Single rail, DC-to-DC, fully modular
PSU Length 150mm
Intel® ATX12V 3.0
Non-Stop 24/7 50°C
Powder Coating
2010 ErP Lot 6
2013 ErP Lot 6
2014 ErP Lot 3
EU regulation no. 617/2013
Intel C6/C7
Fan Size 135mm
Fan Technology Fluid Dynamic Bearing, 100.000h MTBF
Protections* SCP, OVP, UVP, OTP, OPP
Certifications CB, CE, FCC, TUV, cTUVus
Included in the delivery PSU, AC cord, modular cables, 4 screws, cable ties, user manual

*SCP: short circuit protection, OVP: over voltage protection, UVP: under voltage protection, OTP: over temperature protection, OPP: over power protection

Power Distribution
AC Input Voltage 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz
AC Input Current 13A 15A
DC Output
+3.3V 22A 120W 22A 120W
+5V 22A 22A
+12V1 83,33A
-12V 0.3A 3.6W 0.3A 3.6W
5Vsb 3A 15W 3A 15W
Peak Power 2000W* 2400W*
Total Power 1000W 1200W

*Peak power may last up to 100 μs.

Cables & Connectors
Mainboard 24 Pin 1x
CPU 4+4 Pin 2x
12VHPWR(12+4) 1x Native
[60cm]1x Dual PCIe 8Pin[60cm]
1x Native
[60cm]1x Dual PCIe 8Pin[60cm]
PCI-E 6+2 Pin (8Pin) 4x
[2x 60/75cm]
[2x 60/75cm]
SATA 12x
[3x 50/65/80/95cm]
[3x 50/65/80/95cm]
4 Pin Molex + FDD 4x + 1
4x + 1


Efficiency & Noise Level
10% load @ 230V Efficiency 90% 90%
Noise Level 0dB(A) 0dB(A)
20% load @ 230V Efficiency 90,8% 90,8%
Noise Level 0dB(A) 0dB(A)
50% load @ 230V Efficiency 92,5% 92,5%
Noise Level 19.0dB(A) 19.0dB(A)
100% load @ 230V Efficiency 90% 90%
Power Factor 0.99 0.99
Noise Level 28.5dB(A) 28.5dB(A)


Dealer Information
Product Dimensions 100 x 125 x 63.5mm 100 x 125 x 63.5mm
Product Weight 1.0kg 1.2kg
Product Box Dimensions
Product Box Gross Weight
Master Carton Dimensions 430 x 386 x 265mm 430 x 386 x 265mm
Master Carton Gross Weight 8.8kg 10.4kg
Master Carton Pieces 8 8
EAN-Code 4713157722614 4713157722621



Datasheet EN – REVOLUTION ATX3.0 1000-1200W
Manual – REVOLUTION ATX3.0 1000-1200W
Product Pictures – REVOLUTION ATX3.0 1000-1200W