Power Supply

1.1. Power Supply: The power supply is without function.

Possible causes:

  • The power button of the PC case is not connected to the mainboard.
  • The main switch on the back of the power supply is not switched on.
  • The main power cable is not connected to the power supply.
  • The PC is connected to a defective multi-socket outlet or the multi-socket outlet is switched off.
  • The 20/24 pin ATX connector is not plugged in correctly and has no correct contact.
  • The mainboard may be defective.

1.2 Power supply: The PC does not start, no display, but the fans rotate.

Possible causes:

  • The CPU is not properly connected to the socket.
  • The 4-pin or 8-pin CPU connector has not been connected (assuming the motherboard requires it).
  • The memory is not compatible with the mainboard or has not been inserted correctly.
  • One or more PC cards are not correctly seated in their slots.
  • The PCI-E power cables were not connected to the graphics card.
  • The monitor cable is not connected correctly or is defective.
  • The monitor has no power or is not turned on.

1.3. Power supply: The power supply restarts or switches off.

Possible causes:

  • Insufficient cooling of the power supply unit has triggered the overheating protection. Additional fans or mounting the PSU with the fan downwards can prevent this problem.
  • The PC stands on a carpet and the power supply is mounted with the fan facing downwards. The power supply gets no fresh air and overheats. A mounting of the power supply with the fan on top could prevent this problem.
  • A large amount of dust causes the power supply to overheat and the overheating protection has been triggered. The PC should be cleaned from dust from time to time. Dust can become statically charged and cause systems to crash.
  • The power supply is overloaded by upgraded high-end components (e.g. graphics cards). If possible, distribute the load over several 12V rails or use a stronger power supply.
  • A lightning strike in the electricity grid has triggered the surge protection. It should be possible to switch on the power supply again.

1.4. Power supply: The power supply fan is too loud.

Possible causes:

  • High temperatures inside the PC case. There are too few fans mounted in the case or the airflow does not conduct the heat out of the case.
  • The CPU or GPU fan blows warm air into the power supply and heats it up more than usual. Adjust the airflow in your case.
  • You are operating the power supply at its limit or overloading it. Check the power consumption of your components, you may have to use a stronger power supply.

1.5. Power supply: My power supply fan does not work.

Possible causes:

  • You have an fanless or semi-passive cooled power supply. Some models start the fan of the power supply only after a certain load or temperature. Check the manual of your power supply to be sure.
  • The fan of your power supply is defective. Contact your dealer for a service return or replace the power supply if your warranty has expired. Under no circumstances should you attempt to open the power supply and replace the fan yourself. There is danger to life. A power supply has dangerous high voltage in its capacitors even after it has been switched off. For this reason we cannot offer power supply fans as spare parts.

1.6. Announcement: REVOLUTION D.F. 2 / D.F. X power supply fanreplacement.

  • It has been brought to our attention that some customers are reporting grinding noises from the power supply fan emanating from our REVOLUTION D.F. 2/ D.F. X series power supplies. An initial investigation has revealed that these incidents may be due to a defective fan bearing, which could occur over time and with increased use.
  • This unusual problem does not pose a risk to your system. This is because all ENERMAX power supplies are equipped with high-performance protection mechanisms, including OTP (Over Temperature Protection), OCP , OVP, UVP, OPP, SCP.
  • Our commitment to delivering reliable products to our valued customers is unwavering. To address this issue, we have decided to implement a comprehensive solution and will be replacing the existing REVOLUTION D.F. 2/ D.F. X fans with industrial grade, dual ball bearing fans that are known for their durability and longevity. Together with our patented self-cleaning Dust-Free Rotation (D.F.R.) technology, they ensure better performance and longevity in gaming PCs, servers, workstations and all other systems where efficient and reliable cooling is paramount.
  • ENERMAX put the overall experience of our valued customers first. For this reason, we are offering all REVOLUTION D.F. 2/D.F. X customers a FREE upgrade with industrial grade power supply fans as part of a normal RMA process, regardless of whether you own an affected unit or not. Please contact us via the contact form, if you would like a replacement. Your satisfaction and the seamless functionality of our products are of the utmost importance to us.
  • All REVOLUTION D.F. 2/D.F. X power supply units delivered to EU retailers starting from November 2023 should already have received the upgrade to industry-standard double ball bearing fans.

CPU Cooler

2.1. water cooler: The water cooler makes bubbling noises.

Possible causes:

  • The water cooler is freshly installed and must run for a few minutes to vent the circuit.
  • The hoses are directed upwards and prevent the water tank from filtering the air bubbles. This does not happen with a water cooler mounted on top.
  • You have a refillable water cooling system and the water level is too low. Refill coolant.

2.2. Water cooler: The CPU becomes very hot (over 80°C).

Possible causes:

  • The pump is connected to the mainboard and is throttled by the fan control. Unlike fans, the pumps should receive a constant voltage of 12V. Use the included adapter to connect the pump directly to the power supply or switch the mainboard connector to constant 12V.
  • You have a refillable water cooling system and the water level is too low. Refill coolant.
  • The fans turn too slowly and the heat cannot be dissipated.
  • You have a CPU with 8 or more cores or you overclock the CPU and the cooling capacity of the water cooling is exceeded. Check the TDP specifications of your CPU and water cooling. For a good cooling the TDP of the water cooling should have enough reserves to the top, because depending on the system design the heat dissipation of the CPU can be higher and the cooling capacity of the cooler lower. Please also use our cooler comparison to determine the correct cooler.


If you are looking into an ENERMAX power supply through the fan blades, you may see special white glue on various coils. This is normal. It is a necessary left over from the production process and does not impact performance in any way.