History Milestones

Enermax Technology Corporation, founded in 1990 the history of the company goes back more than 30 Years with the slogan: Power. Innovation. Design.

  • 2021

    HEALTH:The “Hokutolite Health Water” won the three-star award of the International Taste Institution (iTQi) from Belgium for two consecutive times.
    SPORT:The “Dual Functional Waving E-Bike” has successfully challenged the 2021 Changhua Classic 100 Biking Event.
    HEALTH:The “Hokutolite Health Water” won the Gold Award of the Monde Selection Quality Awards.

  • 2020

    COOLING: The global sales volume of CPU AIO coolers have increased by 80% compared with the previous year.
    SPORT: The Sports Technology Department was established, and the “Dual Functional Waving E-Bike” was launched.
    HEALTH: The health and biotechnology department was established. Produce “Hokutolite Health Water” by using the professional technology from Hokutolite. We keep 100% of the energy in Hokutolite, so-called Taiwan’s treasure in the water. Moreover, we do not add other additives like alkaline water, so the dissolved oxygen content is about 7.8ppm, and this number is the most suitable for human drinking.

  • 2019

    COMPANY: European Hardware Award for Liqtech TR4 II 360 AIO CPU Liquid Cooler
    CASE: Best Of CES 2019 by Overclock.net: SABERAY White Case

  • 2018

    COMPANY: Launch of the new Enermax Europe website with mobile device optimization.
    CASE: Launch of the first silent optimized case
    COMPANY: BCN Award 2018: Best Selling Case Brand in Japan

  • 2017

    CASE: BCN Award 2017: Best Selling Case Brand in Japan

    PSU: German Design Award (Special Mention) 2017: DIGIFANLESS 550W PSU

    COOLING: First AIO liquid Coolers with 100% IHS Coverage of AMD Threadripper CPU: LIQTECH TR4

  • 2016

    CASE: BCN Award 2016: Best Selling Case Brand in Japan

    AUDIO: Launch IPX8-rated Waterproof Speaker: O’marine

    COOLING: Patented Dust Free Rotation (DFRTM) Technology: Platimax D.F. PSU, ETS-T50 AXE Cooler, D.F.PRESSURE fan and D.F.VEGAS fan

  • 2015

    CASE: European Hardware Award for Liqmax II 240 AIO CPU Liquid Cooler

    PSU: First Fanless PSU with Digital Control: Digifanless 550W

    PSU: COMPUTEX d&i awards 2015: Digifanless 550W

  • 2014

    COOLING: TwisterStorm fan: up to 3,500 RPM industrial grade performance with Twister Bearing technology for extreme conditions in servers or for extreme overclocking.

  • 2013

    COOLING: ETS-T40 gain top-sales air cooler record in Japan.

  • 2012

    COOLING: Launched patented design Shunt-Channel cold plate liquid Cooler.

  • 2011

    PSU: Launch MAXREVO series, new full modular cable 80 PLUS Gold KW class leader
    COOLING: Introduce ETS-T40 CPU Cooler with leading 0.09C/W thermal resistance performance
    CASE: Launch ATX Midi Tower Hoplite,combines the most current technologies and features
    COOLING: Launch U.R.Vegas, the world’s first case fan, that can be powered with USB
    PSU: Launch PLATIMAX series, 89-94% efficiency @ 20-100% load, compliant with 80PLUS® PLATINUM efficiency requirement

  • 2010

    PSU: iF Design Award 2010 for PSU: Revolution85+

    PSU: 80PLUS® Gold Certification for PSU: Modu87+ and Pro87+ PSU series

    PSU: Upgrade of Popular PSU Series: Modu82+ II, Pro82+ II and Liberty ECO II to support DX11 card

  • 2009

    PSU: Red dot Design Award 2009 and for PSU: Revolution85+

    PERIPHERALS: Red dot Design Award 2009 for keyboard Aurora

    COOLING: Patent Circular LED Technology for Fan: Apollish Fan series

  • 2008

    PERIPHERALS: iF Design Award 2008 for Jazz Enclosure series

    PSU: World first 80PLUS® Bronze PSU series: Modu82+ and Pro82+

    PSU: World first 80PLUS® Silver PSU with modular cable design: Revolution85+

    COOLING: Patent Twister Bearing Technology: Magma, Everest and Cluster

    COOLING: 25cm Monster Fan and Steel Mesh for Cooling Pad: Aeolus

  • 2007

    COMPANY: National Outstanding Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Award by Taiwan Government

    PERIPHERALS: Red dot Design Award 2007 for Aurora Premium keyboard

    PSU: DXX Ready! First PSU with 6+2P Connectors from 400W class.

    COMPANY: China subsidiaries established.

  • 2006

    PSU: Best Power Supply Manufacturer 2006: Win Readers’ Choice Award of German hardware magazine – Hardwareluxx.

    PSU: First 1000W PSU with modular cable design

    COOLING: ENLOBAL Bearing Technology introduced

    PERIPHERALS: First generation aluminum design Keyboard, Aurora, unveiled.

  • 2005

    PSU: Best Power Supply Manufacturer 2005: Win two Readers’ Choice Awards which are presented by two German hardware magazines – Tom’s Hardware Guide and PC Games Hardware respectively

    PSU: Launch first ATX12V v2.2 modular cable PSU, LIBERTY series to become world bestseller.

    COMPANY: Small and Medium Enterprise Administration innovation Award 2005 granted by Taiwan Government

  • 2004

    COMPANY: UK subsidiary Coolergiant established

    COMPANY: Listed on Taiwan OTC stock market (8093)

    PSU: Best Power Supply Manufacturer 2004: Win the Readers’ Choice Award of German Tom’s Hardware Guide.

    PSU: Breakthrough on Power Density for ATX12V PSU with Noisetaker 600W

    PSU: 6P PCI-E Connector for PSU: After launching this new feature, nVidia® and ATI® use it at their SLI™ and CrossFireX™ graphics card launch presentations respectively.

    PSU: Small and Medium Enterprise Administration innovation Award 2004 granted by Taiwan Government

  • 2003

    COMPANY: German and Japan subsidiaries established

    PSU: SLI™ Certified PSU

    PSU: Dual 12V Rails and SATA Connector for PSU

    PSU: Small and Medium Enterprise Administration innovation Award 2003 granted by Taiwan Government

  • 2002

    COMPANY: ISO14001 Certified

    COMPANY: France, Italy, USA subsidiaries established

    PSU: ATX12V Power Density Record

  • 2001

    COMPANY: ISO9001 certified

    COMPANY: Rising Star Award granted

    COMPANY: Small and Medium Enterprise Administration innovation Award 2001 granted by Taiwan Government

  • 2000

    PSU: Coating on PSU housing, later become a standard for premium PSU

    PSU: Patent VR Control for PSU

  • 1999

    COMPANY: Relocated HQ to Tao Yuan City.

  • 1998

    PSU: First Full Modular cable Redundant Power System (ERM2350/ERM2400) launch

  • 1997

    PSU: First Dual-fan Setting for PSU. Highly recommended by AMD as “AMD Desirable Thermal Mechanical Product”.

    PSU: Color Box Packing for PSU: Create an innovative way to sell PSU and followed by others.

    CASE: Worldwide bestseller: Launch a complete series of Big Tower, Midi Tower, Micro Tower and Mini Tower to become a worldwide bestseller.

  • 1996

    PSU: First ATX PSU

  • 1991

    PSU: First AT PSU
    PSU: First Open Frame PSU

  • 1990

    COMPANY: Company established at Liuzhou City. Capital NTD6,000,000(USD180,000). Main business: develop, produce, and sell switching power supplies and PC cases.