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The T.B.SILENCE ADV fan is the advanced version of the legendary T.B.SILENCE series. The fan is equipped with the patented Twister bearing for smooth and long-lasting operation. The fan blades have been re-engineered with the Enerflo™ Channel Blade design for improved stability. The starting speed has been reduced to an incredible 300 rpm, which is almost inaudible and the frame is now equipped with vibration damping. The result is a fan with outstanding silent capabilities.

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140mm | UCTBA14P
120mm | UCTBA12P

Twister Bearing Technology

The Twister Bearing Technology guarantees an exceptionally long lifetime of 160,000 hours (MTBF). The bearing shaft is fixed to the rotor and small magnet inside the bearing keeps the shaft in position. The convex surface of the shaft’s base reduces the frictional resistance and ensures a quiet and smooth fan rotation. The sleeve is made from a self-lubricating material, which prevents the bearing from draining and corrosion.

Silent Operation

The exclusive Enerflo™ channel blade design reduces the turbulence and increases rotational stability.
Advanced aerodynamic fan blades achieve maximum performance with low noise levels by a precise calculation of the blade angle and the blade shape.

PWM Speed Control

The speed of T.B.SILENCE ADV is controlled by a 4-pin PWM signal. Depending on the PWM controller, the speed can be reduced to almost inaudible 300 rpm.

Patented Modular Frame

The patented modular frame with laser-cut aluminium ring represents both style and quality.
Anti-vibration rubber elements at the corners ensure a clean decoupling of the fan.

Detachable Fan Blades

Thanks to the Twister Bearing technology T.B.SILENCE ADV’s fan blades can be detached for easy cleaning. Release the fan blades by applying pressure in the centre of the rotor from behind.

Technical Specifications

Bearing Type
Twister Bearing
MTBF 160,000h @ 25°C
Number of Blades 7
Fan Dimensions
140 x 140 x 25mm
120 x 120 x 25mm
Fan Speed
300 – 1200RPM 300 – 1500RPM
Rated Voltage
Rated Current Fan
Rated Current LED
Fan Power Connector 4 pin PWM (GND/12V/Tacho/PWM)
Noise Level
7 – 15.8dB(A)
7 – 14.9dB(A)
Air Flow 113.1m3/h (max.) 108.55m3/h (max.)
Air Flow
66.57CFM (max.) 63.89CFM (max.)
Static Pressure
1.63mm-H2O (max.) 1.82mm-H2O (max.)
Included in the delivery
4 x screw, 4-pin molex adapter


Dealer Information
Product Dimensions 140 x 140 x 25mm 120 x 120 x 25mm
Product Weight 0.250Kg 0.215Kg
Product Box Dimensions 180 x 153 x 35mm 160 x 133 x 35mm
Product Box Gross Weight
Master Carton Dimensions 570 x 335 x 335mm 570 x 335 x 295mm
Master Carton Gross Weight 16.2kg 14kg
Master Carton Pieces 60 60
EAN-Code 4713157723338 4713157723321


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