Thermal Grease


Technical Specifications

Thermal Conductivity (W/M-K) 2.9
Thermal Resistance (°C-CM2/W) 0.09
Specific Gravity 4.0
Usable Temperature Range
-40°C ~ 120°C
Volume 3g
Harmless Yes


Dealer Information
Product Dimensions
Product Weight 3g
Product Box Dimensions
Product Box Gross Weight
Master Carton Dimensions
Master Carton Gross Weight
Master Carton Pieces 200
EAN-Code 4713157725370


ETC521 | Thermal Grease
Datasheet DE – ETC521
Safety Datasheet DE – ETC521
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High Thermal Conductivity

No matter how smooth the surface of your processor or heat sink appears, there are always small irregularities where air bubbles form that compromise cooling performance. Therefore, to mount the cooler smoothly on your CPU, a thermal paste with high thermal conductivity is needed. The ENERMAX ETC521 is the perfect product for overclockers and gamers. The paste comes in a small resealable syringe and is easy to apply. The thermal paste has no electrical conductivity or corrosive properties unlike metal or liquid metal thermal paste and can be used for years once applied.


– High thermal conductivity
– No electrical conductivity
– Non corrosive
– Easy to apply
– Resealable
– Long lasting