140 mm Silent Edition

The ETS-T50 AXE Silent Edition is a high-performance CPU cooler with a cooling capacity up to 230W TDP and leading innovative technologies. The asymmetric design with five 6 mm heat pipes with the Heat Pipe Direct Touch technology ensures a quick heat transfer and allows the installation of high RAM modules. The cooler is equipped with a 14cm ENERMAX fan with patented Twister Bearing™ technology.

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140mm | ETS-T50A-FSS

Air Flow Optimizations

Pressure Differential Flow Design – increases the airflow up to +15%. The air will be guided through conic tunnels to speed up the airflow. Due to the faster transportation of the cool air, heat will be removed more quickly.

Vortex Generator Flow (VGF) – patented
Vortex generators are applied in aviation industry. They make sure that the air stream is lead as close as possible along the airplane’s wings. During the CPU cooler development, the Enermax engineers recognized the potential of this technology to optimize the air stream inside the heat sink: Small spoilers on the fins, the so-called Vortex generators, conduct the air close along the heat pipes. Much more fresh air can be transferred to the back of the heat pipes.

Heat Pipe Direct Touch (HDT)

With the patented Heat Pipe Direct Touch technology the heat pipes rest directly on the CPU. The advantage against a base plate is the faster transfer of heat without any additional resistance.

Asymmetric Heat Pipe Design

The asymmetrical heatpipe design creates additional space for the fan to prevent high RAM modules from being blocked.

Enermax High Pressure Blade

The ETS-T50 AXE Silent Edition is equipped with a 14cm High Pressure Blade fan designed for use on CPU coolers. The patented Twister Bearing technology ensures smooth operation and a long service life of up to 160,000 hours MTBF.
The 9 High Pressure Blades rotate at 500 – 1.000 RPM to ensure ultra silent operation.

Thermal Conductive Coating

The Thermal Conductive Coating is a thin protective layer that prevents oxidation without compromising the heat transfer.

Air Guide

The equipped Air Guide offers to the user the possibility to direct the airflow into the preferred direction.
This allows the possibility to create the perfect case airflow according to the needs of the system.

Technical Specifications

Intel® compatible Sockets LGA 775, 115x, 1366, 2011(-3) Square ILM, 2066
AMD® compatible Sockets FM1, FM2(+), AM2(+), AM3(+), AM4
Overall Dimensions 144.2 x 109.5 x 163mm
Overall Hight
Weight without Fan
Thermal Design Power (TDP) 230W+
Thermal Grease Dow Corning® TC-5121
Heat Sink
135.2 x 65 x 160mm
Copper Heat Pipes/ Aluminium Fins
Heat Pipes
5x Ø 6mm
Heat Sink Coating
TCC black
Fan Model High Pressure Blade Fan PWM
Bearing Type
Twister Bearing
MTBF 160,000h
Fan Dimensions
140 x 140 x 25mm
Fan Speed
500 – 1,000 RPM
Rated Voltage
4-pin PWM
Quantity 1
Noise Level
13 – 22dB(A)
Air Flow
50.59 – 55.45m3/h
Air Flow
29.78 – 94.21CFM
Static Pressure
0.57 – 2.13mm-H2O
Included in the delivery Air Cooler, 14cm High Pressure Blade PWM fan, universal mounting kit for Intel® and AMD® sockets, Dow-Corning® Thermal Grease (TC-5121), air guide, spreader, installation guide
Dealer Information
Product Dimensions 144.2 x 109.5 x 160mm
Product Weight 1.39kg
Product Box Dimensions 220 x 175 x 130mm
Product Box Gross Weight
Master Carton Dimensions 460 x 370 x 295mm
Master Carton Gross Weight 12.5kg
Master Carton Pieces 8
EAN-Code 4713157723376


Datasheet EN – ETS-T50A-FSS
Manual AM4 – ETS-T50A-FSS
Product Pictures – ETS-T50A-FSS