The Enermax NEOCHANGER is a reservoir with integrated performance pump and RGB lighting for the use with DIY water cooling systems. Supporting standard G 1/4″ fittings the NEOCHANGER can be combined with almost all DIY cooling products on the market. Designed for case modding the reservoir is made of transparent acrylic glass with a black aluminium cap, providing a significant outlook.

The world leading Enermax RGB Technology offers multiple ways to create the individual look for outstanding gaming rigs. The NEOCHANGER is fully compatible with the most popular mainboards RGB software ASUS Aura Syc, ASRock RGB LED, MSI Mystic Light Sync and Gigabyte RGB Fusion. This enables RGB synchronisation throughout the entire rig. For standalone use NEOCHANGER comes with a remote control regulating pump speed and RGB lighting effects

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200ml | ELC-NC100RGB
300ml | ELC-NC150RGB
400ml | ELC-NC200RGB


The acrylic glass reservoir is equipped with a RGB LED ring providing more than 256 colours and various lighting effects depending on the controller. NEOCHANGER supports different mainboard synchronising technologies to work together with other RGB hardware. In standalone mode the RGB LEDs are controlled via the included IR remote control offering preconfigured colours and effects.


The NEOCHANGER is equipped with a powerful pump with a flow rate of 900 L/h and a strong hydraulic head of 5.2m. The RPM of the pump can be adjusted via the included IR remote control up to a maximum of 4.000 RPM. This high performance allows the build of a custom loop with multiple radiators and coolers.

The water reservoir is available in 200ml, 300ml and 400ml offering the best choice between compact size for small builds or a large amount of water for powerful cooling loops.

Pump Speed Display

The digital pump speed display shows the pump RPM in real time. This allows monitoring the pump operation and optimising the speed for the best performance.

IR Remote

NEOCHANGER comes with a 3-in-1 IR remote control to adjust the LED colours, light effects and pump speed. The included magnetic silicon cover can be used to attach the remote to any magnetic surface for storage.


The RGB synchronisation via 4-pin RGB header is compatible with motherboards using Asus Aura Sync, ASRock RGB LED, MSI Mystic Light Sync and Gigabyte RGB Fusion.

NEOCHANGER supports standard G1/4″ fittings providing the maximum compatibility to other hardware.

The flexible mounting system allows vertical or horizontal installation depending on the preferred configuration.


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Technical Specifications

93.2 x 94 x 195.3mm 93.2 x 94 x 245.3mm 93.2 x 94 x 295.3mm
Screw Thread G1/4″ inner thread
Bearing Type Ceramic nano PI bearing
Motor Speed
1,500 – 4,000RPM
Motor Control Steps
Input Voltage
Power Connector
LED Type 5050 RGB
LED Sync. Compatibility Asus, Asrock, MSI and Gigabyte
LED Connector 4-Pin (12V/G/R/B)
Maximum Head Delivery 5.2m
Maximum Flow Rate 900L/h
Material PPS
200ml 300ml 400ml
Material Reservoir
Material Cap
anodized Aluminum
Length 400mm
Rubber (Polyamide)
Included in the delivery Pump + reservoir, horizontal bracket, vertical bracket, horizontal clip, wrench, 24P power adaptor, M/B RGB signal wire, remote control, installation guide


Dealer Information
Product Dimensions 270 x 120 x 65mm 402 x 120x 54mm
Product Weight 1.29kg 1.40kg
Product Box Dimensions 271 x 125 x 178mm 321 x 125 x 178mm
Product Box Gross Weight TBA TBA
Master Carton Dimensions 560 x 375 x 280mm 665 x 375 x 280mm
Master Carton Gross Weight 11.34kg 12.40kg
Master Carton Pieces 8 8
EAN-Code 4713157722775 4713157722782


Product Dimensions (D x W x H) 312 x 140 x 54mm
Product Weight 1.51kg
Product Box Dimensions (D x W x H) 371 x 125 x 178mm
Product Box Gross Weight TBA
Master Carton Dimensions (D x W x H) 560 x 390 x 280mm
Master Carton Gross Weight 10.05kg
Master Carton Pieces 6
EAN-Code 4713157722799


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Datasheet EN – Neochanger 200-400ml
Manual – Neochanger 200-400ml
Product Pictures – Neochanger 200-400ml